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Internal Resonance

Internal Resonance is a collaborative art and sound piece based on users emotional data. Participants are invited to reflect and document their emotional state in order to contribute to a visual and sonic landscape. Emotional data is collected in real-time from participants through a system of color-coded and sound-coded mark-making. The color-coded system is based on Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions which is laser cut and painted onto a board with 8 dishes filled with water color. As participants dip their paint brushes into the watercolors, sounds are triggered that represent each of the 8 emotions. This emotional data is recorded visually through color-coded mark-making on the watercolor paper. The emotional data is also recorded sonically on Ableton as each mark triggers a sound and adds to a collaborative soundscape. Additionally, Ableton documents each triggered emotion visually through recorded MIDI notes. 

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